Want To Better Your Brand’s Experience? Try Adding Or Changing Up Your Music.

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Want To Better Your Brand’s Experience? Try Adding Or Changing Up Your Music.

What kind of music are you playing in your store or on your videos?

In a study conducted from Mood Media and Sacem, what you play over the speakers can improve your customer’s experience even in the most serious business sectors like in the financial industry and banking.

The study found that 70% of customers had a more positive perception of the image of the brand when music was playing.

65% agreed the type of music played helped customer’s differentiate the brand compared to a competitor.

But, what about more stern and serious sectors like pharmacies and the financial industries? 33% of people thought it would be inappropriate to play music at these locations, but then after it was added, 76% of customers agreed it was a good addition to the atmosphere.

We are always looking at bettering the experience of users and customers, that’s why the audo is so important to the brand experiences we build. Whether it’s a video, short explainer or an in-store brand experience, we always take in music and the tone and see if it not only compliments your brand, but enhances the experience.

Whether it’s being put on hold, an in-store experience or the videos you promote, consider adding music to your brand’s experience, it could result in a better and happier customer experience.

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