Social Media Marketing Services in Toronto

Are you looking for the top social media marketing agency in Toronto?

Are you not getting the results you would like to on your social media marketing channels?

Are your social media marketing channels driving you relevant traffic?

How are you doing compared to your competitors?

Looking to increase your reach and audience size?

Let’s start off with some facts first. Did you know that 54% of customers use social media to research products before buying?

We work with top brands around the Greater Toronto Area on their social media marketing channels because they love that we are so thorough, we are competitive, we create content, and they love working with us.

We provide excellent social media marketing services that get results. Our competitive prices means you can invest smart in something that aims to drive big outcomes for your brand.

Our goal is for someone to ask ‘So, who does your social media? It’s really good.’

Here is it like to work with us on your social media marketing channels.

Ongoing Communication

We want to be an extension of your team and want you to feel comfortable communicating with us. We propose weekly meetings in order for both our team and yours to stay on top of everything. We go over content approvals, opportunities to act on a situation, feedback and where we can continuously improve on our service to you.

Detailed Competitive Analysis

We will always aim to benchmark your company to the top of your industry. We look at, monitor and breakdown the top competition in your field and constantly track them to see where we can improve or how far ahead you want to stay out in front.

Effective Social Media Management

Want to take more of a managed approach? Looking to off-load your social media efforts to the professionals while you focus on other aspects of your business? Let us help with that. We can create ongoing, interesting and daily content that creates engagement in your communities. We manage everything for you, so you just need to approve messages that are being promoted.

Engaging Content Creation

Content is very imporant, but content that is themed, organized, branded, and effective can be the difference between stalled growth and ongoing growth. We create content that is engaging. Content that really pulls you in and makes your brand’s story or marketing messages stand out.

We Focus On Constantly Improving

A lot of other traditional agencies will want to stay in the safe lane and develop the exact same styles of content like the last month. We constantly are inspired and want to continue to push to propel your company further with fresh and engaging content that adapts to new goals and changing times.

Useful Reporting & Analytics

Numbers don’t lie. This is one of the aspects that we really shine when it comes to your brand. We love analytics and are very numbers-focused. Numbers can make the difference between a successful campaign and a really successful campaign. We deliever reports on request or on a consistent basis that look holisitcally on your channels and even alongside your website’s analytics to make sure they in tandem with each other.

Looking to improve your current social media channels, adapt to the changing landscape or start from scratch?

Contact us on how we can help your brand’s social media marketing, thrive.

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