Setting Our Own BenchMRK.

Setting Our Own BenchMRK.

It’s fun to start something new. It’s fun to set a new BenchMRK.

Blank slate. Fresh start. New notebook.

I’ve always started something aiming to do something different.

Filling a void and aim to jump ahead of the technical curve.

So, I wanted to take things from a different side. I want to do something different with digital media.

I have noticed three things over the years when it comes to digital media.

  • All about promotion
  • All about the numbers
  • All about the followers.

After being in the space for many years, it all comes down to being all about attention.

Garnering, keeping and maintaining attention.

So, we focused our services on what would spark attention. Storytelling and visuals.

And what would keep that attention. Numbers and strategy.

We want to set the BenchMRK here. We want to do big things and we want you to come a long with us.

Are you excited? We are too.

Be one of our first followers at the ground floor on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Look forward to seeing you online and we hope you set your BenchMRK right here and right now too.

Where do you want to be a year from now?

Thanks for reading!

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