More Customers Are Expected To Shop Online This Black Friday. Are You Ready?

BENCHMRK Black Friday Shopping

More Customers Are Expected To Shop Online This Black Friday. Are You Ready?

Is your brand preparing for Black Friday? 

According to Market Track, more customers will be choosing to make online purchases this Black Friday showing that eCommerce is being chosen over in-store experiences.

How will you prepare for this?

Here is a few tips that we suggest for you to look into before the big Black Friday sales day.

1 Consider extending the sale or having a pre-Black Friday sale.

When it comes to the hype, you can get lost in bigger retail stores looking to make some bigger moves, so you have to be different to stand out. Having a longer sale or a pre-Black Friday sale could give customers awareness about your brand and could improve general sales. Make sure you have urgency to your promotions and give a set time limit. Countdowns work great too.

2 Check your analytics

Are people naturally getting to your online store? Be sure to look at the numbers to find out if you are getting traffic to your site. If you aren’t getting any numbers. It might be good to make the SHOP link more prominent or consider advertising.

Need help setting up or looking at your analytics to see what’s happening? Contact us if you need help.

3 Check your sales

Are you getting sales? If so, consider which are your most popular products and services and see who bought them. This can help you develop your promotions. Were people more attracted to a % off or a $ amount off? Do a deep dive of your brand and find what worked. Also, be sure to make the % off or $ off enough of an incentive. Don’t want to give a discount? Then have a value add produce, like the addition of a stocking stuffer or additional product.

Not getting any sales? Check your analytics, consider advertising, check your payment process, shipping fees, and what kind of incentives you are offering. Get honest feedback from friends and see what your competitors are doing.

Try promoting your brand through videos, SEO, new product photos and special landing pages. Contact us if you need help.

4 Sell your product on Amazon.

Are you selling your product on Amazon or Ebay? A lot of potential buyers will be on those websites scouring for gifts, purchases and stocking stuffers. If you are able to sell your products through Amazon, be sure to get on there now.

5 Promote, Promote, Promote

Get your message, your deal, your referral rate, your promotion, your video, your store in front of your prospects, your customers, your potential customers and anyone else you think would be relevant to your brand.

Use advertising, promotional messages, email newsletters, in-store reminders and coupons, and any other marketing materials you think would help notify customers to save the date for your brand.

6 Review

See what worked, see what didn’t. Did you get any sales or spikes in the numbers? What kind of sales did you get? New customers or previous ones? It all helps for future promotions, new product offerings and next year’s Black Friday.

In the study (mentioned above) out of 1,000 people surveyed, 40% of the people surveyed said they expect to shop in physical retail stores on Black Friday.

However, 80% said they are likely to purchase from Amazon this year, an increase of 6% from last year.

Hope this helps you get ready for one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

Thank you for reading.

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