Corporate and Brand Storytelling Services

Do you know your brand’s story?

In order to cut through the noise and maintain customer loyalty, then you have to consider building a connection with people.

It would be great to just tell people about what you offer and they come flocking, but it’s different now. There is more competition than ever before and it’s not going to stop. So you have to start putting in some heart and soul into what you do.

How do you do that? With great stories.

Our Process With Storytelling

We focus on certain aspects when it comes to storytelling for your brand.

Research. Takeaways. Voice. Delivery.

  • We dive deep into Researching who your audience is and what they are connecting with
  • We focus on Takeaways that are simple to understand, remember and recall.
  • We find out the Voice of your brand to make sure it’s consistent.
  • We look at the Delivery of your story and what’s the best platform for it.


Stories are the best way to share your brand’s message and what your brand believes in.

They may not remember your last marketing campaign, but everyone remembers a great story.

There are three types of storytelling we can help you with.

Different Types of Storytelling

1 Storytelling Through Words

Whether it’s news, blogs, text or presentations, telling your story through words is one of the most important vehicles for people to remember your brand. People remember stories before they remember corporate messages and those messages can have takeaways that can reach a much bigger audience than sales’ speak.

2 Storytelling Through Visuals

We have all heard that a picture tells a thousand words. We tend to disagree. A GOOD picture tells a thousand words, a bad picture confuses the audience even more. Without context or a subject, the pictures are basically things you look at and not anything you actually take in. If you are planning to showcase your story, be sure you consider both High-Definition Video and High-Resolution Photography to get your takeaways of your stories heard or seen. Let good visuals do the talking for you.

3 Interactive Storytelling

Bringing your story to life. There are videos, gifs, cinemagraphs, interviews, documentary style features and more to bring your story to life. It’s all about how you tell your story that brings it all together. We can help you choose the right vehicle for this.

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