Competitive Analysis

How are you fairing against your competitors?

Are they gaining traction, more of your customers and are you getting left in the dust?

Competitors can be the biggest opportunity for your brand.

They give a look into what your customers want. It’s invaluable to have competitors.

They sometimes can be the best market research in the world, especially when it comes to learning more about your current status in the marketplace.

We focus on different aspects when it comes to actioning a Competitive Analysis for your brand.

We offer you either one-time only or on-going reports that are perfect for you to learn more about where your brand can be improved and look for opportunities to promote your brand.

We study your user behaviours from your website and see how we can improve your online presence, then we make recommendations and even make the changes for you.

Our BenchMRK Reports Include:

  • Audit of your website
  • What issues users may be encountering
  • Page-by-page feedback on what you can do to improve your brand’s presence online (in general or week-by-week / month-by-month)
  • Recommendations on how to improve your brand, ranking, position or presence online based on the analytics and data


Contact us today for your one-time audit report or on-going analytics report.