What Can Brands Learn From Cherry Blossom Season? 🌸

What Can Brands Learn From Cherry Blossom Season? 🌸

Do you see how many people come to see the sakura trees / cherry blossom trees in Toronto?

Jeez! Let me paint you a picture.

Thousands and thousands of people. Crowds coming through. Subway stations packed with people. Crossing the street in swarms in High Park and Trinity Bellwoods, Police managing the flow. Everyone taking pictures, posting all over social media, selfies, portraits, wedding photos, engagement shoots, everything, The number of media impressions surrounding this hyped part of the year is astounding.

But, after a few weeks, it’s all gone and people can’t see them anymore, they are done for another year and people have to wait.

Don’t you wish your brand had something like that? That much hype? Have you ever considered what you can do to harness the hype for your brand?

Here is what brands can learn from Cherry Blossom season…

It’s all about supply and demand.

Cherry Blossoms thrive on having a short window throughout the full year, limited access, limited edition.

What can your brand do? Make something or provide a service that would be limited edition to a select few.

Here are some ideas:

  • Limit the number of stock to a specific number. If that number has a significance to your brand, even better.
  • Invite a select few customers to try out a new product or service
  • Collaborate with another brand to create some exclusive pieces, an exclusive service
  • Have a product or service only be available for a short amount of time

By having a special or limited edition product, it makes potential customers look at your brand a different way, you can find new audiences through collaboration, you can build buzz for your product or you can re-energize current customers and reward them with something more compelling with your brand.

The Final Say

Take the next 30-days for you to research, brand, discover and put into work how you would collaborate or create a difference with your product and use the following 30-days to market it.

Try it for yourself, you might feel more connected and energized with your brand.

Feel free to contact us if you need help with creating a limited edition product.

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