20 Helpful Ways Your Business Can Adapt To COVID-19

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20 Helpful Ways Your Business Can Adapt To COVID-19

In an unprecedented way, the COVID-19 virus has changed the way we live completely.

We don’t know how long this particular outbreak is going to last as cases climb all over the world and cities start to be locked down and changed to more essential-based businesses.

However, with the large scale that COVID-19 has induced, it’s important to adapt to the behaviours of your customers.

We saw this first with Blockbuster going to Netflix, then Facebook and Twitter to more Instagram and TikTok, but now we are catering to those in isolation.

Your biggest audience right now is at home right now. Bored, overloaded or stressed and looking for relief in some capacity through entertainment or helpful tips, while aching for a sign and motivation of what to do next.

With bars closed, restaurants only going through takeout and delivery, we are living in a very isolated culture right now.

If this was just a two-week ‘spring break’ kind of situation, I wouldn’t be so aggressive in this thinking.

However, in my personal opinion, I think the impact of COVID-19 will last far behind what people expect in a month’s time.

Let alone the impact of going back to work and as things start to reformulate, people will be timid, shy, and their trust in public places, gatherings, and crowded spaces will be shaken for a long time even afterward.

This is not for everyone, but if you would like to get ahead of the flattened curve and aim to thrive in a post-COVID era, then you might want to consider these potential shifts in mindset and business.

COVID-19, Brands Adapt COVID-19, Toronto, Social media marketing agency20 Helpful Ways Your Brand Can Adapt To COVID-19

1/ Directing investments toward social media and digital marketing tactics that drive online sales

2/ Having a focus on eCommerce and online offerings

3/ Focusing on developing new relationships and brand building in the meantime

4/ Promote free shipping, at-home solutions, and free delivery

5/ Highlighting what products and services are available that your business offers currently

6/ Highlighting the protocols and the lengths your company is going through to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

7/ Shifting the focus to essential products or services as opposed to luxury or top-of-the-line products or services

8/ Have a focus on entertainment and entertaining your audience while they are at home to garner more attention and attract new users

9/ Shift to focused online calls, live chats, and online conference situations from events

10/ Advertising on YouTube, online media outlets, and social media marketing channels

11/ Work with at-home creators in sponsored videos and posts

12/ Focus on local cities and appealing to smaller regions instead of nationwide approaches with different and specific campaigns

13/ Use chatbots and other easy ways to switch and communicate with your audience to ease up customer service lines for frequently asked questions

14/ Communicating a roadmap of new products or services that you are offering that is coming (online courses, podcast, etc.)

15/ Communicating with your audience on what features and services they would like to see from your business during this time

16/ Coming up with different products that serve a greater need (example: Distillers creating hand sanitizer and donating proceeds to a local food bank)

17/ Incorporating local charitable efforts into campaigns

18/ Highlight and give gratitude to frontline workers

19/ Offering reduced rates to customers during this time

20/ Using referral discounts to help people while expanding the reach of your brand to a new group of audience members

These items listed above are just some ideas that you can take to adapt your business to stay top of mind, shift towards a new mentality to help your customers more, and cater to your customers in their natural environments now.

The Bottom Line

Inaction is one of the worse things you can do right now for personal or business. If there is a global shift, it’s best to shift to help solve the new problems for people, help those in need and develop new strategies to cater to more of an at-home audience.

If you are looking for strategies you adapt to this new situation of the business, be sure to contact us with any questions.

Thank you for reading, stay home and keep healthy.

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