Are You Being Honest About Your Marketing?

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Are You Being Honest About Your Marketing?

Question: Are you taking a hard, honest look at what you are doing in the marketplace to promote your product and service?

If not, this might be a tough article to read.

But, if you are, you have made a decision to consciously back up your findings and be able to justify your success.

Whether you use coupon codes, flyers, sales, analytics on your website or clickthroughs, there are many ways to be honest with how your marketing efforts are doing.

So, how to bring more honesty into your business? Here are four questions to ask yourself!

Q1: Are you looking at the numbers?

Are you looking at the statistics, analytics or the key performance indicators surrounding your brand? Maybe you might the person to glaze over the numbers and just not be interested, but if you aren’t a numbers person, it’s either you have spend more time thinking about them or getting someone else to explain them to you! How do you gauge marketing successes? By getting some actual stats behind you, then it allows you be honest about performance. It gives you a BenchMRK 😉 to work with.

Q2: Do you know how you did compared to your last campaign?

If your goals for each of your

Q3: Do you have a goal or target you want to hit?

When it comes to your brand, it’s easy to say ‘get more awareness, get more traffic, get more customers’ but do you know how many new customers? How many people to your website? How many impressions you want to generate with your campaign? If not, it might be good to associate specific numbers to your campaign to understand if you hit your goals or not.

Q4: Do you know where you could have improved on your last campaign?

So, you had a good, bad or ugly campaign, where do you go from here? What went wrong or what went right? What could have been improved on or what could you have done differently? Are you missing the mark? Not including a customer segment? Maybe ignoring an opportunity or demographic? These are all questions to consistently better your campaign and then your next one after that.

With these questions listed above, you will have a better idea of how well your campaign actually did and go from there. It’s important to be real and honest with yourself and your marketing results.

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