Analytics Reporting and Website Audits

Do you know how your website is performing?

Do you look at the analytics of the website and don’t know what they mean?

When it comes to the analytics connected to your brand, the numbers don’t lie.

We offer you either one-time only or on-going reports that audit your brand OR your competitor’s brand to determine what issues or bottlenecks your brand has.

Typically, these reports are at least three pages in length, depending on the size of your website.

Who are these BenchMRK reports for?

Situational Examples:

  • You are a brand that can’t seem to find out why you aren’t gaining position on search engines
  • You are an agency that wants to audit the companies they manage to find opportunities for better market share
  • You have a website and are looking to gain website traffic, better qualified audience members and looking for expert recommendations on how to improve your site
  • You want to improve the user experience of your website

Our BenchMRK Reports Include:

  • Audit of your website
  • Potential issues from a user’s perspective
  • Page-by-page feedback on what you can do to improve your brand’s presence online (in general or week-by-week / month-by-month)
  • Recommendations on how to improve your brand, ranking, position or presence online based on the analytics and data


Contact us today for your one-time audit report or on-going analytics report.