About BenchMRK Digital

BenchMRK Digital Agency was founded in 2017 by leading luxury and digital media entrepreneur, Steve Dolson.

Throughout his career working with over 100, national, international, and luxury brands through social media, content creation, digital media, Steve became fascinated with how brands were positioning themselves and what makes others rise to the top of their fields.

BenchMRK was born through the want and need of Steve’s passions to better brands and help business owners ‘BenchMRK’ their brands to the brands that are top in their fields and the best in the world through diligent research, competitive marketing strategy and effective execution.

Driven by his competitive and provoking nature, Steve, with his team, and BenchMRK partners, help business leaders, brands and agencies achieve a more competitive edge with a numbers-driven approach and effective strategies.

BenchMRK Digital offers digital media, marketing strategy, analytics reporting, website development, SEO, photography, video and social media based services to those local and abroad.

Steve Dolson

Founder of BenchMRK Digital Agency

Steve Dolson has worked in the industry for over 8 years and has worked with over 100 brands. Steve has worked with luxury brands, lifestyle brands, restaurants, national companies,  global brands, real estate and more.

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