6 Ideas For Compelling Brand Videos

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6 Ideas For Compelling Brand Videos

Do you use compelling brand videos to help your company stand out?

With more videos being created by every second from people and the brands they trust, videos are more important than ever.

Branded content and social videos are getting more important and platforms like Facebook are favouring videos more than any other content pieces (links, photos).

So, it’s time for your brand to shoot a video, but where do you start?

Here are 6 Ideas For Compelling Brand Videos

Shoot An Interview

Interviews are a great way to showcase knowledge, thought leadership, and tell the viewer something interesting about your brand. Also, it can make your brand more approachable and more personable. Make sure that the person talking has a nice, clear, and exciting tone. There is nothing worse than a boring interview.

Show The Behind-The-Scenes Action of Your Brand

Is your team working on something new? Participating at an event? Showcasing the behind-the-scenes action from your brand and give the viewer an inside look at the aspects they may not see. Showcasing new designs and processes brings your customer closer to you. Knowledge is power, so educating your customers on your processes will help you build a better relationship with them.

Show A Day-In-The-Life Of A Team Member or Your Company

A lot of viewers don’t know what people do on a daily basis. They may know the finished product, but not the process to get there. Highlighting a staff member or a day-in-the-life of the business shows company culture and how your organization operates. You can use this method for getting more quality hires and have your customers learn about how you operate throughout the workday.

Show The Customer Journey

Show from the origin of your brand’s product or service to when it gets into your customer’s hands. You can even show what the customer would expect from buying your product or service. Having from a start-to-finish video or Unboxing video can help customers understand what they are paying for.

Shoot An Overview Video

Is what you do and offer not getting through to your customers? Shooting an engaging overview video can help you reach your audience in a more interactive way and have them get to know what you do more effectively. Having an overview of the services you offer, and even new services that are coming soon, will help people stay top of mind of what you do. This gives you an opportunity to showcase what you do, how it benefits and who it’s for, potentially driving more business to your brand.

Talk About Trends & Your Brand’s History

Having someone talking to the camera about the latest trends and news surrounding your business could help put you of the curve and more of a leader in your industry. Talking about the key strengths of your business over the years (how you pioneered a process, your growth, milestones) can help educate your customers on aspects of your business they may not have known before.

As videos become more prevalent in social feeds, online and throughout branded content, if you don’t have it it would be crucial to add it to your marketing output. So, be sure to take a look at which option would be best for you and start brainstorming.

If you need any assistance shooting the videos or planning them out, be sure to contact us today.

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