5 Ways You Can Narrow Your Brand’s Focus

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5 Ways You Can Narrow Your Brand’s Focus

Question: Do you feel like you are spread too thin with your brand?

With so many online marketing channels, apps, membership websites, associations, meetups and so on, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed. Especially when it’s not really working for you. It’s the Pareto Principle all over again.

Are you doing 80% of the work to only succeed at 20% or are you only focusing on a select 20% and getting 80% better results?

With so much noise online, it may be time to focus your brand and narrow that focus to your core strengths.

Here are 5 Ways You Can Narrow The Focus Of Your Brand:

1 Start With An Brand Audit

It’s important to take a snapshot of what’s currently happening with your brand. How are you really doing? It’s time to be honest.

Time to take a snapshot of a time in the past up to present day. Set your BenchMRK there.¬†Whether it’s 3-months, 6-months, 1 year, set the starting point. Let’s be more simplistic in this example and let’s set it at 1 month.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are my numbers up or down from previous months?
  • Are my sales increasing or decreasing?
  • What have I done that’s been working?
  • What have I done that hasn’t been working?
  • What are my competitors doing?

This way you can see for yourself what’s been a success and what’s been a failure.

2 See Where Your Touch Points Are

How are you marketing to customers?

Are you taking it to online or social channels? Do you have a newsletter? Writing articles in a trade magazine? Going on the radio or running website ads?

These are all opportunities for a potential customer to see your brand.

3 Think Of Your Customer’s Journey

How customers buy your product?

Are they in a hurry? Is it a need or a luxury?

How do they hear about you? What makes them take you over their competitors? Are their friends referring them to you?

Analyzing customer behaviour is crucial to narrow your focus.

For example: If you are finding that people are calling you more than they are emailing you, then you might want to have calls-to-actions that promote them calling you more. Like putting a phone number on the top of your website.

See how they buy, are they online searching for reviews? Are they looking at blogs? Are they calling the first phone number they see?

These are all behaviours that you can capitalize on as a brand. If they are panicked, then you can have a website link that states “Get Help Fast Now” and that would match their tone.

4 Brainstorm 10 Things You Can Do To Strengthen That Successful Tactic

Are you finding that Kijiji ads are helping you sell the most of your product?

Are you finding that your high-definition video that you made with us helped get more phone calls?

If you are finding success through one channel, time to double up.

If you are finding that one method is helping you make more sales and have more customers through the door, then time to brainstorm 10 ideas around it.

For Example: Let’s say if HD Videos are really effective, how can you use videos in different ways?¬†

  • Maybe you can have an interview series where you discuss trends in your industry
  • Perhaps some behind-the-scenes videos could be helpful to describe the process you go through to have a winning product
  • Maybe having short videos putting them on your website to help explain your product or service in a fun way

These are just a few examples of how you can strengthen what works.

If you need help with HD videography, learn more about our services.

5 Measure, Measure, Measure, Adjust, Measure

Now that we wanted to look back a month, let’s look forward a month too.

Where do you want to be, numbers wise? If it doesn’t have a quantifiable number associated with it, don’t set it as a goal. Don’t just say, create videos for web. How many? What’s the timeline? Instead I want to create 4 videos before December 31st and I want to generate 500 views or more on each.

Track your successes, see what worked, what didn’t and why you think they didn’t or did.

Also, don’t do it alone. You can see through the numbers and analytics what aspects weren’t successful, but also qualitative research helps too. Get feedback from your customers about they thought about your output. Both qualitative and quantitative data is important in the measuring of your successes.

Then adjust, try something different, understand your audience and what they want to see. Maybe short videos work on one platform, but longer videos work on another.

With so many competitors, so much noise, so much content being promoted and distributed, it’s important to play off your biggest strengths and not to spread thin.

Do you feel overwhelmed and do you think you need to start narrowing your focus?

If you are looking for any help on any of these topics, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for reading.


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