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15 Ways You Can Make (Or Keep) Your Customers Happy

Are your customers happy? Do you know?

Sometimes it’s easy to go status quo and not ask if they are happy or not in fear that they will say something bad.

However, in order to find out if your customers are really happy or not, you may have to have some real, honest conversations with them.

After you have those conversations, there are plenty of ways to make and keep your customers really happy. The bottom line is, you have to care. You have to really be invested in the partnership you have made with you and your customers.

Looking for new ways to make and keep your customers happy? Here are a few!

Here are 15 Ways You Can Make Your Customers Happy

1 If they have posted or written an article, comment on it.

If they write an article, ask them or aim to generate a conversation with them about it. They probably took a lot of time to come up with the article, so showing that you care, goes a long way. Talk about how or why they wrote it and what it’s important for their field or company!

2 Remember birthdays and make them something made by hand

By sending them a birthday message is one thing, if you are able to make them something handmade or that took effort, then they will like it even more. It could be a card, it could be a gift, could be a donation to their favourite charity or it could be something you write in long-form. By taking the time to make the effort, they will appreciate it even more.

3 Send them a physical letter or card saying thank you

One. Everyone likes getting mail (that aren’t bills). Two. It’s rare to expect a letter or card in the mail out of the blue. And that’s exactly why you should do it. You should be sending cards or handwritten letters to people because that’s what people don’t do. Show your gratitude for the client and let them know how the working relationship is going so far through something by mail, they would love it.

4 Share their content on your feeds

If the content is relevant or something you can spin on your channels, share their content or something related to their industry. That shows that you want to get to know their business’ landscape a little bit better and you are interested in what they do in the marketplace. Plus, it also drives traffic to their website. 😏

5 Set up a call or meeting to discuss how you can be better

We call this the Stop / Start / Continue Method. If you are looking to make your customers happier, set up a call or meeting and discuss two things you should Stop doing, two things you should Start doing, and two things you should Continue doing that they really like. Have this meeting once a month and you will sometimes learn more about your relationship in 15 minutes than you did in previous months.

6 Deliver your work on time and go on and above

Nothing keeps clients happier than meeting and exceeding their expectations. I’ve worked with people that are extremely numbers-oriented and I’ve worked with people who are very qualitative as well on how the brand is being represented. Be sure to deliver the work on time (or ahead) and always find ways you can go on and above to provide them with more value.

7 At the start of the week, say what you will do that week

Every client likes it when things are planned out in advance. A great tactic is for you to send an email or have a call on Monday morning telling them what they can expect from you that week. This gives you the ability to schedule approvals and get what you need from them on their side to make those tasks happen. That way they can plan ahead of time to provide you with those materials throughout the week. Also, sets expectations for the week.

8 At the end of the week, follow-up

Continuing the thought of point #7, be sure to follow-up on all the things you did for them. This includes meeting notes, tasks completed, what is outstanding, what is the plan for next week, and what you need from them. This gives a nice digest and makes for effective communication with the customer. They will be happy and it will make them feel informed on all the happenings of your relationship.

9 Always provide solutions or options to solve a problem (if it arises)

After the many years of working with brands, if you just bring up a problem without a solution, you are sunk. Customers don’t like problems. That’s why they come to you. They want solutions. So, even if the smallest problem arises, don’t come to them with just a problem, come to them with one or multiple options for a solution that would help with the problem.

10 Find out what their personal and professional goals are

Everyone wants to get better at what they like to do. Everyone wants their business to succeed and be more profitable. Find out their goals for their company and their personal goals. I have had it where I have been in a meeting with an older entrepreneur who wants to pack up shop in 5 years and I have been in a room where they are just getting started and they want to build a great, big business. Depending on what their goals are, you can adjust your strategy. Is it longevity or a better exit? Try to get to know their motivations and create a plan to help them achieve it.

11 Brainstorm other ways you can help them reach their goals

You may be providing a service already, in which they may be happy with it or not. But, are you thinking passed what you offer them? It’s good to always think ahead with regards to the work you do. If you are able to brainstorm 10 additional ideas that you can help them, two things happen.

One. They will see the effort and future sight you put into their brand and realize you have a vision for the next steps of their company.

Two. You may drum up more business if they like the ideas you have created.

Get them to think about the future of their business and fit yourself in that future.

12 Send them books, resources, and articles that they might gain insight from

By sending your customer a book, resource or article they might like might give them new inspiration or a new way to think about their brand. Sending customers resources on what they might be interested in can help them find inspiration and help you build rapport with them.

13 Find out what drives your customers them and help them go further

What’s personally driving them? Why do they love working where they work? What do they want to get better at? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you get to know what they want to get out of work, life, etc. You can tap into your network and make good connections with what they want to do in and out of the workplace. Maybe they have been interested in getting into kickboxing and you happen to know a kickboxing coach, then making that connection can help them aspire to be better, achieve their goals and build your relationship even more.

14 Be consistent with your outreach to them, even plan it in your calendar

When it comes to making your customers happy, it cannot be a one-time action. It has to be something that you do on a consistent basis. However, for every action you take towards caring for, being interested in or helping a client between work, it will pay off in referrals, more business and a better relationship. Even schedule time every week to think about how you can make your customers happier. They will be asking you if they can provide a testimonial.

15 Flat out ask them, “what would make them really happy”?

Maybe they have worked with previous companies that didn’t make them happy. You never know. That’s why it’s important to ask them what would make them really happy. If you ask them the direct question, you get to know the deepest rooted motivation. If sales are what makes them happy, then you can tailor your project to focus more on that. If it’s awareness, the same thing. That way you will know where their expectations and focus lies, and if you know that information, you will make them really happy and they will be loyal, returning customers.

Just remember, everyone wants to feel like they are a priority, that you like working with them and that you care for them. If you don’t, find a way to show your appreciation, it goes a long way.

Customers may provide you with the numbers for the bottom line, but don’t treat them like just the numbers they give you. Treat them like people.

I hope you have enjoyed the article!

Have any more to add? Be sure to comment below of how you made your customers happy.

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